Citrix License Usage Dashboard Release

I have finalized a version of my Citrix License Usage Dashboard for release. I’ve had help from some developer friends working on Dave Brett’s EUCMonitoring platform. I encourage anyone running XenDesktop/XenApp 7.x to check out Dave’s platform as well.

The license usage tool and dashboard utilize PowerShell and Microsoft .NET Chart Controls combined to publish to a web dashboard. That webpage can be used in your environment to start tracking real-time and historical Citrix license usage.

Citrix License Usage (GitHub)

Here are some updated screenshots of the web dashboard. I have included real-time and 6 months.

DISCLAIMER: All scripts, data, screenshots, etc. are based on generated fake data. This tool is used at your own discretion. I encourage you to test it in a test environment, where possible. No information is sent out of your environment, it is all self contained. This tool is of my own creation with no connection to Citrix or my employer.

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